Profile: Andika Priyanto a young man full of soul – the soul of business, was born on May 16, 1991 in a remote village. During his childhood he had started independently. By helping his mother sell fried bananas, fried foods arranged on a large plate and put on his head and ready to be sold through the village on foot. As a teenager in high school vocational time he was able to meet the cost – the cost of school by working as a custodian. But the results of her own childhood, in the can ready to plunge in the outside world. Since graduating in 2009 he moved to the island of Bali. and no one to her father called her boss at her company bekerja.Pada that time he was given the position of Office Boy. And time went on he worked as a property consultant in Denpasar – Bali Indonesia. And many do andika to do business. One is to develop websites and blogs for the business world that already exist in the current era of online business. And that’s not enough for the two businesses he that he had run, in 2012 the exact date of December 5 he took part in the Amway business.

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