Natural liver cleansing articles

Natural liver cleansing articles

The liver is the master organ for creating optimal nutrition for all the 50 trillion cells in your body. The liver is the body’s largest organ, weighing three to five pounds in adults. It uses 12 – 20% of the body’s total energy, and it must generate this energy to it’s own cells. The liver routinely performs over 500 known functions to regulate your cell’s metabolism.

It is the “alchemical wizard” of the body, transforming toxins into harmless chemicals for excretion, and digestively absorbed nutrients into the proper biochemical forms your cells can use to function. Yet the liver is probably the organ most assaulted by toxic modern lifestyles, full of pollution, stress, junk foods, drugs, etc. In the US 40000 deaths a year are due to liver disease. Yet most people will never suffer from hepatitis, cirrhosis, or jaundice, the “classic” liver diseases.

Toxic modern lifestyles may however promote “subclinical” liver disfunction. And, as this review will make clear, no matter how good your diet and digestion, if your liver does not perform its many jobs properly, your cells can still be grossly malnourished. Optimal nutrition is a function, not just of what we eat and digest, but of how well the liver bio-transforms incoming food nutrients into forms that the bloodstream can transport to all the body’s cells, and that the cells can use to perform their metabolic functions.

Each of these unnamed individuals was absolutely convinced that the diet had caused their improvement. One of them, a Mrs K from South Australia, found that the diet was very effective for her weight problem. On the liver cleansing diet she lost 11 kgs. She states that previously she had had a problem losing weight even though she did not eat excessively. Indeed, she says, “the less I ate the more I would put on” which is truly miraculous, reminding one of the parable of the loaves and fishes where the more the faithful ate the more food appeared. Sadly, this first part of the book was a little disappointing, given that it is generally agreed that anecdotal evidence of this quality is no evidence at all. With this preamble over, the book began in earnest.

Chapter 1 is titled Introduction to the Liver-Cleansing Diet. In the second paragraph of the first page, Dr Cabot says:

I must admit it took me more than twenty years of medical practice before the solution dawned on me! The liver, the supreme organ of metabolism had to be the missing key. It seemed so simple and yet so incredible; why hadn’t someone thought of this before?

Why indeed? After all, we all know that the liver is the largest organ in the body. How could we have missed it. However, the key issue, and the most important lesson for those of us interested in obesity comes in the following paragraph, where she says “Excessive weight is a symptom of liver dysfunction and not solely due to the number of calories you eat”. There you have it. Obesity is due to a disorder of the liver. I was stunned. Here we had a novel new theory, obviously come to us by what appears to have been divine inspiration, which I must admit was not yet supported by any publications. Pitted against it, was over 30 years of research with thousands of publications suggesting that, just possibly, the hypothalamus might be responsible for regulation of body weight.

What could I do? I desperately wanted to be fair to Dr Cabot, but the lack of published evidence worried me. Maybe I was missing something. Perhaps the evidence that the liver caused obesity would come soon. I was not reassured when Dr Cabot admitted that her vast knowledge of the liver was not learnt at medical school but rather as we learn on page 9:

As a medical student I spent many hours sitting in with leading naturopathic doctors as I was intrigued by their natural healing techniques … It was with such naturopaths that I first learnt of the tremendous importance of the largest organ in the body — the LIVER … In all their patients naturopathic doctors examine the state of the liver through various techniques such as iridology, acupuncture, pulse techniques and from the patient’s history.

Natural liver cleansing articles

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